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I'm sure he is good, but a 466 game winning streak is near impossible IMO. There are way too many variables involved when it comes to playing a game online, with connection being the most considerable (and we have never been more aware of that since Treyarch released this piece of shit). Team SF could have some insane win streaks also, but we're too selfish when it comes to killstreaks, because we like to take pictures of our scores, and tug off to our K/Ds. If everyone...
HAHAHAHAHA nice gump!
Man, last night was spawn killing central.
Who team-killed you last night?
The Tramontina's mentioned earlier in the thread are fantastic. I was given a set of 10 last Christmas and still cant believe the set only cost $200. Not too long ago there was a comparison between All-clad and Tramontina and all-clad, and All-Clad barely beat out Tramontina, and Tramontina is just a fraction of the price. If you dig around the forum you can probably find the article. These are the ones I was given
What beta?
It doesnt, and it should be posted anytime you own somebody.
So, it has been almost three weeks since my meniscus repair surgery and I still can't walk. All I want is to get back to the gym and squatt, but it doesnt look like that is going to happen for at least another month.
Yesterday, I got around to watching part 2 of the Mesrine series, and loved it just as much as part 1. If you're a fan of gangster movies you will love the Mesrine series, and if you have Netflix streaming you have no excuse for missing out.
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