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The eggs got somewhat scrambled. I've made carbonara so many times it's pretty much my signature dish, but a combination of trying to make it a little creamier by adding some heat to the pan in the end, and only being able to stand on one leg while cooking (knee surgery), made for an awful dish. Also, the pecorino I used was different from my usual go-to, and I made the mistake of not even tasting it before using it. I used the usual amount and it turned out to be was...
Made a caprese to start off, and then carbonara which turned out to be a disaster.
No, this clown we used to be friends with from high school. I like the idea that he was carrying 1 hollowpoint bullet.
What happened with this girl. Was I there?
Mauro: Come on Treyarch that's just rude! denimbar disconnected due to a transmission error
I will not play MW2 without 6 people. Last time I played people were just following me around and killing me over and over for no reason. Actually, I would much rather MW1.
This looks pretty cool though Wow, I cant embed. wtf
So far I'm not sure about either BF3 or CoD. The CoD multiplayer has gotten kind of stale over the past few years, and they really didnt add any new weapons to MW3, but the BF multiplayer sucked because maps were way too big for the amount of people able to play, and you couldnt really talk to your teammates It would be nice to see more content....
Damn Mauro was pissed last night!!! That flashfest was hilarious.
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