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What are you trying to say?
I might make an appearance if I dont overdose on foie gras.
That is a beautiful plate of food. Can post the recipe for the porchetta?
Of all of my years (12) working in restaurants, I have never seen any kitchen staff mess with a customers food. That shit only happens in movies.
Wow, I hope people rip the shit out of her in the comments section of her article. In her profile she lists her occupation as "journalist." Fucking pathetic.
Crazy, just felt it in NJ.
Shit, just felt an earthquake.
where was everyone last night? ;(
Nice to see my call of duty clip is making its rounds on the internet! My life is now complete.It was really difficult watching those videos, especially the video of the bear getting shot and it's subsequent cries of pain.
The eggs got somewhat scrambled. I've made carbonara so many times it's pretty much my signature dish, but a combination of trying to make it a little creamier by adding some heat to the pan in the end, and only being able to stand on one leg while cooking (knee surgery), made for an awful dish. Also, the pecorino I used was different from my usual go-to, and I made the mistake of not even tasting it before using it. I used the usual amount and it turned out to be was...
New Posts  All Forums: