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Wow, battlefield looks fucking boring.
AhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHaa Maybe you cam learn a thing or two from the Korean kid.
So whats the deal boys, are we still getting together in October? If so, when? Also, is anyone playing Gears of War? I saw a couple of videos and it looks good.
How is gears?
The Richest Man in Babylon should be required reading for all students whether they are studying business or not.
I start my new job Tuesday so I will be off weekends from now on, so it really doesnt matter what weekend you clowns want to do this. Looking forward to it though.
Wow, a buss full of men did nothing to help the elderly couple. Pathetic.
I dont know what I would have done if that had happened to me. How old were you?
Uncommon it is not, for people to compare us.
Jeb Corliss is the ultimate badass. He also did a video called "A year in the life of Jeb Corliss" which was basically a compilation of all of his stunts/jumps that he did in the past year. The guy is seriously unbelievable. He actually jumps out of his NYC hotel window and lands on some busy avenue in front of a taxi. Crazy.
New Posts  All Forums: