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Mauro you need to stop being so sensitive. Remember that this is still a game and we play to have fun. The guns are pretty unbalanced. Last night I was rolling with an SMG class and was getting raped by snipers at close range.
Wow, battlefield looks fucking boring.
AhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHaa Maybe you cam learn a thing or two from the Korean kid.
So whats the deal boys, are we still getting together in October? If so, when? Also, is anyone playing Gears of War? I saw a couple of videos and it looks good.
How is gears?
The Richest Man in Babylon should be required reading for all students whether they are studying business or not.
I start my new job Tuesday so I will be off weekends from now on, so it really doesnt matter what weekend you clowns want to do this. Looking forward to it though.
Wow, a buss full of men did nothing to help the elderly couple. Pathetic.
I dont know what I would have done if that had happened to me. How old were you?
Uncommon it is not, for people to compare us.
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