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Yea, but at least he can hide in a random corner for an entire game and go 1-0.
Yea, it's really easy. Just start a squad and join a game. If you are not on the same team just press start and switch sides.
HAhahahaha! Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks to Brian for assuming my role as the Demi hunter.
Really starting to get back into classic cocktails and mixology as of recent, and even thinking about making my own bitters. What websites or blogs are you all following? Any good videos? I made myself a couple of Old Fashioned cocktails last night and was a very happy boy. Unfortunately, the ice from my freezer is pretty sub par, but the cocktail was still enjoyable nonetheless. What kind of ice are you all using at home? I'm looking at you Huntsman.
You guys are still giving this game the time of day?
Seriously, at first I was kind of annoyed at BF3, but after putting some time into the game it's really fun. It's definitely not like CoD where you corner camp and jerk off to your K/D ratio. It's all about teamwork. When you have a squad with people performing different functions it's fun as hell. Dave would be sniping and spotting enemies at a distance and planting spawn beacons, and I will be a medic throwing health packs and reviving teammates. Pretty awesome.
You guys need to give BF3 another shot, it's such a great game and blows MW3 out of the water.
:foo:Been playing HCTDM on BF3 with Dave (the cool one), and have been having a blast. You guys really need to reconsider your virtual lives.
Told you, mofos.
How about Renegade?
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