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Just stopped by WvG and picked up the Hooligan sweater. The sweater itself is really soft and the fit is spot on. Given the quality of the yarn, $275 is a steal.
This is racist.What is the model of the blue shoes? Those are beautiful.
Yep, I've been to two Nordstrom stores and neither would split a pair for me. It sucks having two different sized feet...
Really? I went to the AE store and was told I had to do a custom order that would take 4+ weeks for an additional $80, and that they're not returnable. Where did you hear about this?
I have money coming to me?
The blue camo shirt is so sick. How many were made?
Spent a killer weekend with Mauro and the rest of the WvG team. Mauro was a fantastic host and I ended up buying 6 shirts, was given a free button down, henley, and a pair of sweat knickers. I really cant say enough Mauro and his customer service. Can't wait for the pig roast.
That's true. Maybe the year after next.
Thats true. Maybe next year.
Real nice, Brian.
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