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Picked up a scary black rifle a few months ago. 50 yards seated using iron sights. Really need an optic.
For Florence, definitely check out Cibreo and Vini E Vecchi Sapori. Vini e Vecchi is a small family run place that literally seats like 12 people. The food is simple, but outstanding. You will need reservations, so make them months in advance. Cibreo is more upscale, but the food and service is phenomenal. We spent an evening there for dinner and the owner Fabio was constantly checking in on us and making sure we were enjoying our food. When we were in Tuscany we really...
I got my cotton slub shirts the other day in light blue and the darker blue also. Absolutely gorgeous fabric, and the fit and finish is first rate. These will definitely get a lot of use this summer. Thanks again, Mauro
Just stopped by WvG and picked up the Hooligan sweater. The sweater itself is really soft and the fit is spot on. Given the quality of the yarn, $275 is a steal.
This is racist.What is the model of the blue shoes? Those are beautiful.
Yep, I've been to two Nordstrom stores and neither would split a pair for me. It sucks having two different sized feet...
Really? I went to the AE store and was told I had to do a custom order that would take 4+ weeks for an additional $80, and that they're not returnable. Where did you hear about this?
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