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I'm for sure in on this one! I'm saving for a new car so I have to be strong.
^ They look nice. How is the fit on the Sanford model? My experience with AE is that they typically fit average to slightly wider than I'd like.
Needed some black shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by ezlau Good man. Hope you enjoy what you are doing I do enjoy it. Some days are difficult, but that is to be expected with any job. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Chico2007 Big props to you. Certainly an underpaid and overworked field. You can still make a decent living if you play your cards right. Although once looked down upon, going to a state or county agency can be a good career...
I need a little more than just the pants. I need the sleeves shorten, buttons put on the sleeves, and maybe have the jacket taken in a little.
I'd like to know as well since I have a BBBF suit sitting in my closet waiting to be tailored. I've been busy, but I would like to know the prices and outcomes as well!
Just ordered them today
I think psych is a good major, but that's only because I'm really passionate about it. I knew fully what I was going into and what to expect in terms of salary.
Oh how I love the psychology and social work field!
ratboycom I work with kids who have Autism. I'm going into the mental health field - a line of work that typically is underpaid and overworked, but nonetheless it is what I want to do.
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