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i did have a 31 pair that i got take take in, looked akward cause even the 30 was a bit too big, in the end i sold my 31 tailored to a 30 and got a size 29 which was really tight at first but now fit like heaven !normal that your struggling to sit or thing like that the first week ,there new ! they will strecht a bit everywhere dont worry. there super skinny cut, i dont understand why you guys cop those and complain about the tightness, there supossed to fit like...
black pants only.
i dont know and i hate that ! i bought my 15,5 highwaisted D05 black from barneys website, but ysl.com didnt even carry them, there not that highwaisted, they just sit higher then D02, ( which i owned and found that sit way too low, personnal preference) i wish they made more model in D05, like lightwash etc. i think there only from SS14 ( you can see in the runaway that model have their pants really high, probably D05 or highwaist trouser)
Looking to sell saint laurent jodhpur cropped boots in black leather, size 43, come with saint laurent box.
Badly need a ma-1 black in size 48, hit me up
Here for sell a raf simons dyed deep burgundy black sweater, purchased from oki-ni webstore. need some funds so thats why im selling , my pic are really shitty, same one as runaway size; large, fit a bit tight i would said, not oversized at all, so fit like more a medium. price; 285$ >260$ shipped
bumpp this
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