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great day for a beer. A Karlovacko went down well.
can't say i blame them. They are a manufacturer not a retailer. They would likely tell you who they sell to, so you could buy a smaller quantity from them.
Does anyone ever wonder about the previous owner of their thrift finds? When you find a name in a suit do you do a search? Recently this came my way. Thank you Mr Sigal. A gentleman of good taste and my measurements. As usual I did a google search. Nothing much came up, other than someone with the same last name living in Toronto. Today at the same thrift, a black suit caught my attention, been needing one. This one was older, decent quality and it fit. The labels...
a few decent finds from a recent thrift trip .Zegna polo shirt, not sure if its the good Zegna but it looked good enough to pick up even though it doesn't fitit's available, size is marked 54/XL and its lavender in colour.Nice pink on pink stripes TM lewin.Also availablePm me if you want more details on either shirt.Found a few ties, for me. but open to making them available [[SPOILER]] This might be a good time to mention that I am in need of a decent black suit in size...
Dont do a lot of bragging here,Had a few good finds recently, so have a look.All the talk about bowties a couple weeks ago, found my first.nothing special but it's a keeper [[SPOILER]] And another firstThe minute i laid hands on it, i realized it was nice when the search for a label turned up thisI almost pissed myself, then i tried on the jacket. Mr Sigal esq was my size!!! [[SPOILER]]
No need to waste time on kabukiThe people that will pay up for this stuff don't need the history lesson. Either they have found Jesus or they haven't.
Let him wear them. If I had a 13 year old son who wanted to wear those there is no way I would discourage him. Besides.. they only cost $12 even if he is hard on them they will last longer than anything you would pay twice as much for at a discount shoestore.
I dont know what i can tell you about them. except the second jacket is just an amazing item
sold ties to wrms and tundrafour. it was a pleasure to deal with these gentleman
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