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I ordered Skai by CDG from overseas shop about a month ago. When I received the package there was no box and the bottle was bubble wrapped like crazy. Not sure what LN-CC does but I understand that sending something flammable overseas is tricky.
I went with my achilles size for the derbies and they fit perfectly.
Nice. What kind of paint did you use? Thinking about giving mine a fresh coat
Just add to cart
Get the white pair. More versatile and actually look great beat up
I have a pair from the previous season. They are pretty nice and I would imagine the quality would not change drastically in one season. APK is right go TTS size. Up one from your cp size.
^I do
Anyone have thoughts on Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist???
What really ticked me off was why Wenger waited so long to take off ramsey
Cdg incense series is pretty good. My fav is kyoto
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