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Get a UK 7 in Lanvin. Not to sure about the sidezips but I believe they run bigger than the sneakers so probably a 41.
^ I have a big ass head and it fits fine through a medium.
Anyone have thoughts on the damask jacket? Should i go TTS?
Rfx always comin through with the pics. Thanks man. The only ones that I like are the blk/gry/white balenciagas. The rest are boring or fucking hideous (louboutin) imo.
I ordered Skai by CDG from overseas shop about a month ago. When I received the package there was no box and the bottle was bubble wrapped like crazy. Not sure what LN-CC does but I understand that sending something flammable overseas is tricky.
I went with my achilles size for the derbies and they fit perfectly.
Nice. What kind of paint did you use? Thinking about giving mine a fresh coat
Just add to cart
Get the white pair. More versatile and actually look great beat up
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