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Nice pick up. Waist would probably be to big for me.
You grabbed a size 50 right? Whats the thigh measurement if you don't mind me asking?
How did you size? Same as your knits?
I think you will be fine. It's not like some really crazy piece that you need the right wardrobe for. Yes it looks nice with trousers but I believe it would work with some jeans and your BN sneakers as well. Would be gone if it were a 5. Do it!!
Yep what severisth said. I have recieved 3 orders from Colissimo (thru USPS) and haven't been hit by customs.
3 or more. Raf Simons Patrik Ervell Stephan Schneider Common Projects Uniqlo Isaora Need to buy more from Ute Ploier though and maybe some more Jil. line is now available online
Wrap that shit around your neck.
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