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Road runner sports is taking pre-orders on the multicolor flyknits (lunar, racers, and trainers). If you sign up for vip(1.99) you get $15 off and if you use code CX13N165 you get another $15 off. I grabbed a pair of racers and trainers myself.
Undercover ma-1 http://www.ebay.com/itm/UNDERCOVER-2004-LANGUID-MA-1-JACKET-JUN-TAKAHASHI-SMALL-VISVIM-NBHD-WTAPS-/111061758203?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item19dbcbf0fb
I would say your a 42 in Balenciaga.
Never a size 50. Makes me sad
Nice pick up. Waist would probably be to big for me.
You grabbed a size 50 right? Whats the thigh measurement if you don't mind me asking?
How did you size? Same as your knits?
I think you will be fine. It's not like some really crazy piece that you need the right wardrobe for. Yes it looks nice with trousers but I believe it would work with some jeans and your BN sneakers as well. Would be gone if it were a 5. Do it!!
Yep what severisth said. I have recieved 3 orders from Colissimo (thru USPS) and haven't been hit by customs.
3 or more. Raf Simons Patrik Ervell Stephan Schneider Common Projects Uniqlo Isaora Need to buy more from Ute Ploier though and maybe some more Jil.
New Posts  All Forums: