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First delivery of Our Legacy is up on the site. Feel free to PM me with any questions or feedback. Thanks
Hey guys. Our first delivery of EG is up on our site. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
Yeah. Sold a couple immediately after the email went out. @ComfortablyDumb
Hey guys,We just received our Viberg restock. All service boots (2030 last) in Color 8 Chromexcel, Brown Chromexcel, and Matte Black Italian calf. [[SPOILER]] Our first delivery of SS15 is now up. Remember to use code "SF10" for 10% off of your order.
Here is a pic of the quorum cardigan along with a couple of other shots we took. Thanks for all the kind words you guys
Hey guys. We are a little backed up due to all the orders we received. Everyone who has ordered should receive tracking by tomorrow at the latest. Thanks for all the support!!
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