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Hey guys,We just received our Viberg restock. All service boots (2030 last) in Color 8 Chromexcel, Brown Chromexcel, and Matte Black Italian calf. [[SPOILER]]
http://notre-shop.com/collections/robert-geller Our first delivery of SS15 is now up. Remember to use code "SF10" for 10% off of your order.
We are restocking the SL-100X, ST-100X, ST-120X, and ST-220X. Should receive our shipment early next week. @Thanks SF (a new me)
Here is a pic of the quorum cardigan along with a couple of other shots we took. Thanks for all the kind words you guys
Hey guys. We are a little backed up due to all the orders we received. Everyone who has ordered should receive tracking by tomorrow at the latest. Thanks for all the support!!
Sent you a PM
Thanks Fok
Available Now. Scout Boot in Calico Grey Roughout, Service Boot in Color 8 Chromexcel, and Service Boot in Black Matte Guidi Leather. http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/viberg
New Posts  All Forums: