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@Mojo1990 Correct!! Apologies for the error.
@Regg Yep. He is a size 5 across the board in Schneider.
@NAMOR He is 6'1 160 lbs
@OccultaVexillum Should get them early September. We will for sure have 52's
@OccultaVexillum We are getting the long shirts. No side zips though
Delivery 2 of Schneider is up. Remember to use the "sf10" code for 10% off. http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/stephan-schneider
Hey guys.We just restocked in the X8 cardigan.Also our 2nd delivery will be up on the website later this week.This coat will be up on the site as well.
He is a 48/M in Our Legacy. @NYLON
New FW 15 arrivals are up on the site. http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/new-arrivals?page=1
First delivery of Our Legacy is up on the site. http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/our-legacy-1 Feel free to PM me with any questions or feedback. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: