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I didn't see anything mentioned but has a location and opening date been picked out yet?
The choice was clear before (NSM) and it is even more clear now that Ercole has raised their prices. Ercole may be in NYC, but it is ungodly inconvenient to get to. I would rather wait for a traveling tailor for 4 months, then venture out to their shop.Don't get me wrong, they make a very nice product at a great price point for what you get. IMHO, there is just a better alternative that works for me.
I haven't used Steed, but I have used a fair number of their much more expensive counterparts on the Row and I think the quality of NSM garments is every bit as good. Fit is where the English tailors excel a bit, but if you are patient and work with Mina to get your pattern down, I still think they are the absolute best value in bespoke tailoring right now and Steed compared to the other English tailors is a great value as well.Ercoles seems to produce some ok stuff, but...
Look nice. Where are the wallets from?
Does Rubinacci or any other reputable italian tailor (besides NSM) travel to NYC regularly?
Grey suit has been sold. Navy is still available.
$2,000+ suits for $225 shipped that are in great condition and no one has jumped on these? Tough crowd in the B&S forum lately.....
Sold. I have two of these, so I am selling the one I don't use. This was purchased new from LV in Bal Harbour. It comes with the dust bag, lock (and key) and name tag. The bag is in fantastic condition. They are $1,600 + tax new. Used ones in worse condition are selling for more on eBay. I priced this for a quick sale. Price includes shipping in the continental US, but does not include Paypal fees. More information on the bag can be found...
Price dropped to $225 a suit and includes 2-day shipping.
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