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Price drop.
Mina is, IMO, the best "value" in bespoke tailoring right now. Great product, FANTASTIC people to work with and I have never heard of an issue with cancelled trips, delayed garments, etc. I think they are the only option for Italian tailors who travels to the states on a regular basis. I know Liverano and Formosa are talking about starting to make trips, but based on prior experiences with other italian tailors, I would rather wait until they demonstrate some...
No, overcoats are closer to 2,000 euro plus fabric. The last two I ordered from Mina were a fair amount more than my suits.
When I open a thread, the link showing the number of new posts since my last visit is no longer working. I have tried clearing my cookies and logging out with no success. Thank you.
All four shirts for $45 shipped (plus paypal fees). Last chance before I just donate these to a shelter.
Admins / mods?
When I open a thread it is showing 0 new posts since my last visit even though there have clearly been posts. Anyway to get this back up and working? Thank you!
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