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Price drop.
Price drop.
I believe SAB fired all of the artisans making bags when they went through bankruptcy and they are now employed by Sterling & Burke. Not sure who is making SAB's bags now, but don't be surprised if the bag you get from them is not the same quality as the bags some of us bought from them in years past. You may want to give Sterling & Burke a call to see what they can do. I would suggest dealing with Susan at S&B if you go that route (I believe she is one of the...
Not very impressed with the fit of the jacket. Don't mean to be negative, but I would expect much more from Rubi. I think you could get a better fit OTR.
You are an idiot and should be banned. You are accusing them of being criminals and that is flat out a lie. Go schill your sh*t somewhere else.
Sabino starts at $3,500 USD. Rubi starts at $5,200 USD.
It is unfortunate, but that seems to be the common thread among the Italian tailors.At this point, Mina, Formosa, Sabino and Rubinacci seem to be the only ones that reliably come to the states.
Care to share who by?
Thanks. Any idea on pricing for both?
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