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It is unfortunate, but that seems to be the common thread among the Italian tailors.At this point, Mina, Formosa, Sabino and Rubinacci seem to be the only ones that reliably come to the states.
Care to share who by?
Thanks. Any idea on pricing for both?
I wasn't sure if Rubinacci just stopped coming or just isn't taking on new clients. Are there any others who make regular trips (so no Solito)?
Nice suit / jacket. Who made them?
SOLD. I don't think Geneva needs an introduction on this forum, they are one of the best shirtmakers in the around. I am selling 4 of my shirts as I have run out of room in my closet. I have worn these once or twice at the most, in fact I think I didn't wear a couple of them at all. Neck is a 15.5", sleeve length is 35". P2P is 22", shoulder is 18.5". I am about a 40 suit for reference and 34" waist. The fit is on the slim side, but not overly restrictive by any...
What is going on with the SF Marketplace? Essentially new shirts from Geneva, slim fitting for 20% of what I paid for them and they continue to sit? These would have been gone in hours a year ago.
I could have sworn Liverano was significantly more expensive then Mina.Also, if you find her inconsistent, why not just ask her to make adjustments when you are doing fittings?I don't think any of my suits/pants/sport coats from any tailor are identical unless they are from the same order. I am usually getting the final products a year apart and my body weight / shape is almost certainly changing between orders.
Thanks, order placed.
Any good deals on tan 256 bags right now? Thinking about picking one up to try out.
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