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Admins / mods?
When I open a thread it is showing 0 new posts since my last visit even though there have clearly been posts. Anyway to get this back up and working? Thank you!
Just to be clear, these aren't the base model Nike shirts but the "higher end" body mapping shirts. Better material and better breath-ability. They are $60-65 a shirt, so I have priced four shirts cheaper then what 1 cost me.
Updated the ad. These are size small but the P2P measurement is 19.5"
For reference, these are on sale at BB right now and are $50 per pair. Stone and Navy have never been worn, khaki has been worn once.
SOLD. I have too many briefcases, so I am selling the one that gets the least use. Bag is in great shape. More info can be found here: http://www.saddlebackleather.com/briefcase?sc=8&category=301406 Price does not include shipping or paypal fees. Price is FIRM as this is well below what I have seen other bags sell for, and I would rather have a quick sale then price haggle.
SOLD. I am making some room in my closet for new stuff coming and need to clear some room. I have four essentially new Nike golf shirts. These are size small, but the P2P measurement is 19.5". I have black, grey, light blue and white. Price is per shirt but I am only selling all four together as shipping would cost almost as much as the shirts. Deal is $40 + $5 for shipping in the US plus paypal fees. Price is FIRM, please don't PM me asking me to reconsider parting...
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