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I could have sworn Liverano was significantly more expensive then Mina.Also, if you find her inconsistent, why not just ask her to make adjustments when you are doing fittings?I don't think any of my suits/pants/sport coats from any tailor are identical unless they are from the same order. I am usually getting the final products a year apart and my body weight / shape is almost certainly changing between orders.
Thanks, order placed.
Any good deals on tan 256 bags right now? Thinking about picking one up to try out.
Price drop.
Mina is, IMO, the best "value" in bespoke tailoring right now. Great product, FANTASTIC people to work with and I have never heard of an issue with cancelled trips, delayed garments, etc. I think they are the only option for Italian tailors who travels to the states on a regular basis. I know Liverano and Formosa are talking about starting to make trips, but based on prior experiences with other italian tailors, I would rather wait until they demonstrate some...
No, overcoats are closer to 2,000 euro plus fabric. The last two I ordered from Mina were a fair amount more than my suits.
When I open a thread, the link showing the number of new posts since my last visit is no longer working. I have tried clearing my cookies and logging out with no success. Thank you.
All four shirts for $45 shipped (plus paypal fees). Last chance before I just donate these to a shelter.
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