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Really only the two fabrics left that I want for a two piece suit. I'll end up with both, just trying to figure out what I'd be more interested in ordering first.
Thank you.
Thanks. Is there an easier way to find the pictures of Vox besides scrolling through his blog for the next two days?
Anyone have any good full shots of a flannel houndstooth suit? Trying to decide between that and a flannel navy chalk stripe for my next order. Preferably something similar to this Steed.
I have no issue with trying to garner interest for a tailor, as long as its disclosed to people that he has failed to deliver in the past.
I don't understand how you don't have an issue with promoting a guy and trying to bring business to a tailor who has screwed over members of this forum. If I didn't know about his past transgressions and I ordered something from him and he fails to deliver and you knew that his past was this spotty, I'd be pissed off at you and look to you to rectify it.
First three pair sold. Added five more pairs and some additional pictures.
Doesn't he still owe clothes to a number of U.S. Members? Why would anyone want to use a tailor who has skipped town with people's money in the past?
This thread has gotten quiet.
SF Marketplace, I am losing faith in you. Stuff like this used to be gone in hours.
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