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Both ties are 3.75".
SOLD!! Both ties are in like new condition, purchased from Saks 5th Ave flagship store.
SOLD! Brown with light blue check sport coat. Super 150 wool, double vent, 2 button, single breast, notch lapel. Jacket is in like new condition. Size is 42L but I had it taken in, so fit is more like a 40L.
I have purchased 2 suits, 3 sport coats and 6 ties from Mina/Dino since my first visit in July (with a couple more of each ordered). I couldn't be happier with the quality of the clothes or service they provide. I have used a fair amount of local and traveling tailors over the years and while NSM's garment quality is as good as any (and better than most) I have used, their service is what sets them apart from others. No rushed visits, no eye rolling when you ask for...
Which shade of the saphir wax polish would be best for G&G vintage rioja, mahogoni or bordo?
Mrporter is significantly more expensive to buying them direct from sunspel. I'd like to see them in person before buying them though and can't find a place in nyc that carries them.
Anyone carry their Riviera polos in NYC? I can't find a store that has them in stock. I tried contacting Sunspel directly but the stockists they gave me either stopped carrying them or don't have any in stock. Is they worth chasing down or should I just stick with regular Lacoste polos?
Surprised no one has jumped on this yet. Great suit, nicer than anything you will find in your average department store, mens warehouse, jos a bank, etc. and priced below what I have seen them sell on SF for.
Does anyone have any side by side pictures of a Westminster 3 and Westminster Wrap SS? I'd like to get a size comparison.
I am thinking about picking up a Westminster 3 to replace my saddleback leather bag. Anything I should keep in mind when ordering? Has anyone dealt with them since they have gone through bankruptcy recently? Finally, any other brands I should consider that have the same or better quality? Thanks!
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