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Who makes the shoe with the medallion?
6 months seems to be the standard lately.
Received my first two pair of G&G. Hayes in Vintage Oak and Burlington in Black Calf, both in TG73 lasts. Rothschild in Vintage Cherry and Walkton in Vintage Chestnut should be here in a couple of months. Great shoes, just wish G&G could cut the lead time down.
Price now includes priority shipping in continental US.
The Brioni is blue.
SOLD!!! Zegna tie purchased new from Saks 5th Ave store in NYC. Tie is 3.5" wide. Price includes 2-day shipping but does not include paypal fees.
Price drop, only one shirt remaining.
I am expecting the same shoe/color combo this month. Coming up on 7 months now, love G&G shoes but the wait is getting ridiculous.
Width is 3.5", Length is 60" for both.
New Posts  All Forums: