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$90+ shirt for $30 shipped 2-day mail and no takers??
Feels like the 10 ties I bought last time I saw Mina were 50% off.
Price dropped to $30 shipped priority mail for a brand new shirt.
No one wants a $185 Zegna tie that is in brand new condition for $30 plus shipping? Jeeze, I thought this was a great deal.
Who makes the shoe with the medallion?
6 months seems to be the standard lately.
Received my first two pair of G&G. Hayes in Vintage Oak and Burlington in Black Calf, both in TG73 lasts. Rothschild in Vintage Cherry and Walkton in Vintage Chestnut should be here in a couple of months. Great shoes, just wish G&G could cut the lead time down.
Price now includes priority shipping in continental US.
The Brioni is blue.
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