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Borrelli and Zegna have been sold. Corneliani still available.
SOLD!!! Shirt is size 16/41 and was purchased new by me from Saks 5th Ave in Manhattan. Price does not include shipping ($6 2-day mail in the continental US) or paypal fees.
SOLD!!! Purchased new by me at Saks 5th Ave in Manhattan and is in excellent / like new condition. Price includes 2-day shipping but not paypal fees.
Stuck between two red ties to wear with a light blue shirt, suggestions: Or this Cappelli:
Price dropped to $30 including 2-day shipping.
Fred,What color are those? Looks like vintage chestnut almost, but with a little more red?
No one wants like new shirts for the upcoming golf season for 80% off? Tough crowd in the B&S section lately.
I use Geneva and couldn't recommend them enough. Quality is fantastic and pricing is more than fair.
Price dropped to $12 each. Buy all 5 and I will pay for 2-day shipping. Each shirt cost me more then I am selling all 5 for and are like new!
New Posts  All Forums: