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Stuck between two red ties to wear with a light blue shirt, suggestions: Or this Cappelli:
Price dropped to $30 including 2-day shipping.
Fred,What color are those? Looks like vintage chestnut almost, but with a little more red?
No one wants like new shirts for the upcoming golf season for 80% off? Tough crowd in the B&S section lately.
I use Geneva and couldn't recommend them enough. Quality is fantastic and pricing is more than fair.
Price dropped to $12 each. Buy all 5 and I will pay for 2-day shipping. Each shirt cost me more then I am selling all 5 for and are like new!
Any idea what Dege charges for a 2-piece suit?
I find the hardware on the Rimowa Topas and Zero Halliburton luggage to feel cheap. The handles, locks, hinges, everything feels like plastic. I was set to replace my Tumi Alpha bags with either of those a few months ago and left the store without buying anything. The quality of Tumi felt 10x better IMO. If you plan on checking Rimowa, the bags will eventually get destroyed (the corners usually). *Note I am referring to the aluminum models, not the polycarbonate lines.
Like new Zegna ties (or any quality tie) sell for significantly more than $12 or $15 shipped on here. At that price, I would barely cover my shipping costs and would just throw the tie out instead of going through the hassle of selling it.Thanks for the post, but please don't if you don't know what you are talking about.
Like new Zegna tie for $30 and no takers?
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