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Thanks. If I spent my days pushing a shopping cart around with all my belongings in it I might consider that. Anyone have anything relevant to add?
I need to pick up a pair now that winter is here, but cringe about paying $100 for two pieces of plastic that look like they should cost $9.95. Unfortunately, none of the alternatives are lined on the inside. I remember Orvis had them on sale a while back. Any deals out there now?
Arc'teryx is as good as it gets for cold weather gear. It is very expensive (over priced for a lot of it quite frankly), but it will last you forever.
After reading all the old threads it looks like I either need to just bring my cedar trees or use newspaper/underwear/socks. Thanks for the help!
Looking for something a little better then newspaper, socks and underwear. Something lightweight and adjustable for different sizes would be ideal.
Lugging a set of cedar or G&G trees isn't the most convenient option when traveling. What are some good lightweight alternatives everyone is using for travel?
They are not sold anywhere in the US besides Sterling and Burke in DC.
A lot of my suits and jackets have some level of cashmere in them. I assume I should be using the Kent "cashmere brush" CP6 and not the standard suit brush CC20?
Going to donate this to charity if no one wants it.
No one wants a free shirt?
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