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Anyone interested?
I have been talking with Kirby about this and if we can get enough people together he would agree to do an order of their traditional colored wood hangers with silver (instead of brass) colored hardware. We would need a minimum of 50 of each style, in the same size. I would take: 10 Suit Hangers - Medium 15 Jacket Hangers - Medium 45 Shirt Hangers 25 Felted Bar Pant Hangers
Looking forward to seeing the new macclesfield silk prints on the website.
My dry cleaner pressed one of my cappelli ties when I sent it in to be cleaned. Now the edges look as crooked as a saw blade. Anything I can do or will it take time to return to its natural shape?
Like new Corneliani tie for $30 and no takers yet?
Is it possible to place a custom order for traditional finished hangers with nickel hardware if the order was large enough?
Any chance of getting the traditional finished hangers with nickel hardware instead of brass?
Borrelli and Zegna have been sold. Corneliani still available.
SOLD!!! Shirt is size 16/41 and was purchased new by me from Saks 5th Ave in Manhattan. Price does not include shipping ($6 2-day mail in the continental US) or paypal fees.
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