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SOLD. Brand new Ferragamo loafers in black calf. Size is 10EE (I am a standard width in G&G, EG, Alden, etc.). Purchased from the Ferragamo store on 5th Ave.
I am looking for a pair of double monks in black. I have 8 or 9 pair of G&G shoes so I thought I would try something different and these three came to the top. Price won't be the deciding factor. Any suggestions? Carmina: EG: George Cleverley:
I have had the same experience. Never charged when it was USPS, FedEx or DHL but this is the first shipment I have gotten via UPS. Not the end of the world but certainly annoying to have to pay an extra $275 you weren't expecting.
This is the first time I have gotten hit with the tariffs and I usually receive similar valued packages every couple months from overseas.
Has anyone else in the US gotten hit with import tariffs when Mina/Dino sent you something? I just received 6 pairs of pants and had to pay $275 to get them.
SOLD!! Shoes are in great condition. Cost $450+ new. Shoe trees do not come with them. Price does not include shipping or paypal fees.
So why post on a public forum? The whole point of message boards is so that other people can read and learn.It is really annoying to open a thread and half the posts have been deleted.
What is the point of posting and then deleting what you post before anyone can read it? Why bother typing it in the first place?
Can anyone recommend a good carbon bike in the ~$3k range? Local shops carry Specialized, Trek, Cervelo, Cannondale, Pinarello but I am willing to travel for something else. Not really interested in $5k+ titanium bikes.
Unfortunately Serotta is under new ownership. I have not heard good things since the company changed hands.
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