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Kirby, please check your PMs. Thanks!
Going to donate these if no one wants them.
SOLD!! Overall the bag is in excellent shape. Some minor scuffs / marks from normal wear on the plastic underside pieces, but these appear on all bags after using them a couple times. Purchased new from a Tumi store ~1 year ago. Details about the bag can be found here: Price INCLUDES shipping in continental US, but not paypal fees. Bag cost $645 new + taxes. Compare with prices on...
My only concern with clamp style hangers is that leaving pants hanging for long periods of time could cause lighter fabrics to stretch?
Is there a "better" way to store your trousers?
$40 shipped for $150 Nike golf shoes in great shape and there are no takers?
I wanted to thank Kirby for yet another seamless transaction. I have about two dozen suit and jacket hangers that I have been more then happy with and decided to convert all of my shirt hangers to Kirby's products. 45 hangers showed up today and I couldn't be more impressed. The finish and quality on them is just as good as the suit hangers and they fit my shirts perfectly; no more hanger shoulder or creases. My only issue is that I don't have enough room in my closet...
I have never been contacted by so many flaky buyers on this website. If you're wife won't let you buy one, you don't have the money, just want one of the games, please don't waste my time PM'ing me that you will take it. It is priced at probably half of what it is worth.
Price dropped to $40 shipped, no golfers on SF?
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