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What makes you think you are the authority on men's styling and have the right to critique other people's choices and tell tailors that have forgotten more about making garments then you will ever know that what they are doing is wrong?Shut up already. Everyone is tired of reading your tirades. If there was ever a perfect example of Napoleon complex, you are it.
No, you should shut up after making your point the first time. Not repeat it over and over again and piss all over what was one of the better threads on this forum.
Perfect for people living in apartments and priced a good $200 below ebay prices.
Bump. No one wants the ultimate business traveler bag for $100+ below ebay prices?
They are garbage. Save your money.
SOLD. This is hands down the best room air purifier you can buy. There are three filters that get replaced periodically. Following is the life left on each (in hours): 1. 2,845 (replaced ~2 months ago) 2. 7,000 (brand new) 3. 4,534 (original filter) http://www.iqair.com/home-air-purifiers/healthproseries/buy.php Cost $900 new. My price includes shipping in the continental US, but does not include paypal fees. The unit itself is in like new condition. Only...
Kirby, please check your PMs. Thanks!
Going to donate these if no one wants them.
SOLD!! Overall the bag is in excellent shape. Some minor scuffs / marks from normal wear on the plastic underside pieces, but these appear on all bags after using them a couple times. Purchased new from a Tumi store ~1 year ago. Details about the bag can be found here: Price INCLUDES shipping in continental US, but not paypal fees. Bag cost $645 new + taxes. Compare with prices on...
My only concern with clamp style hangers is that leaving pants hanging for long periods of time could cause lighter fabrics to stretch?
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