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SOLD. Unit is in like new condition. Comes with the following: Xbox 360 Elite with 120gb hard drive Wireless Adapter Wireless Remote USB Charging Cable Wired Headset Modern Warefare 2 Modern Warefare 3 Black Ops 1 Black Ops 2 Price is firm and includes shipping but not paypal fees. The games cost over $200 alone, this is priced well below market. I never use it and would rather see it go to someone who will.
Is your life outside the internet really that pathetic that you have this much time to sit here and argue over such stupid, trivial bullshit like the shape of a f*cking shoulder on a suit from a picture? Maybe you are a nice person in reality, but you come across as an abrasive prick on here.
They don't value him as a customer? Who are you to make a statement like that? You have no idea what happened. God, there are some obnoxious pricks on this forum.
Golf season is coming up.....
This is cheaper then used bags are selling for on ebay. Shocked no one has jumped on this.
No takers? These shoes are better than new and 70% off? B. Nelson Shoe Repair: http://bnelsonshoes.com/orderform1.pdf Woodlore Epic Shoe Trees: http://www.cedarvillestore.com/p-14-mens-epic-twin-tube-shoe-tree.aspx Gucci Loafers: http://www.gucci.com/us/styles/015938102201000# Total cost = $660
Resole and shoe trees cost $150+. Shoes are better than new now.
Brand new Tumi bag, the perfect/biggest size for carry on travelers.
$50 shipped and no takers?
SOLD. Size 11.5D. Shoes are in great condition and come with a brand new set of JR soles done by B Nelson in NYC and Woodlore Epic shoe trees. Price includes 2-day shipping but not paypal fees.
New Posts  All Forums: