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There is no comparison in terms of function. The traditional English umbrellas also have a fairly small canopy compared to something like a gustbuster (42" vs 62"). All of the English umbrellas I had left me soaking wet from the knee down or would blow out in strong NYC storms. Are the English umbrellas nicer looking? Absolutely, but in terms of function they aren't that great and I would rather not have my nice suits / pants soaked in rain water.
Price dropped to $120. ~60% off new price.
www.gustbuster.com Doesn't have a solid wood shaft, but comes with some decent color options for fabric, and most importantly, I arrive dry. In terms of functionality, these are as good as it gets. I had some nice English style umbrellas in the past but got tired of smelling like a wet rat when I got to the office.
Bump. This is in like new condition and priced ~$50 below market.
I don't think Geneva needs an introduction on this forum, they are one of the best shirtmakers in the around. I am selling 4 of my shirts as I have run out of room in my closet. I have worn these once or twice at the most, in fact I think I didn't wear a couple of them at all. Neck is a 15.5", sleeve length is 35". P2P is 22", shoulder is 18.5". I am about a 40 suit for reference and 34" waist. These are fairly slim fitting. Solid blue check shirt has a button...
Do Camps or Cifonelli travel to NY? I can't find anything on their website.
Any idea on pricing for both for a 2-piece suit?Thanks.
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