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SOLD. Size 11.5D. Shoes are in great condition and come with a brand new set of JR soles done by B Nelson in NYC and Woodlore Epic shoe trees. Price includes 2-day shipping but not paypal fees.
SOLD!! Brand new 22" Tumi zipper expandable rolling carry on. The largest size permitted for a carry on bag. Purchased new from the Tumi store and never used (I bought 2 to have a backup). Price includes shipping but does not include paypal fees. Costs $595 new, save 40%+.
Updated, price now includes 2-day shipping.
I have a pair of EG Westminsters in black calf but wanted to add a monk in brown. Any thoughts or suggestions on either the carlisle or westminster in brown calf (vintage oak for G&G, dark oak antique for EG)?
Thanks. Is the saphir gommadin and nubuck spray necessary to use if you have the omninettoyant?
Anyone use the stuff? I always thought it was best to clean suede with water and brush it lightly.
sold. Shoes are in very good condition and are size 11.5. Cost me $150+ new. Price does not include paypal fees but includes 2-day shipping.
I don't understand how every jacket, pair of pants, suit, shoes, bag, coat etc. looks brand new and never worn before.
SOLD. Shoes are in great condition. Purchased from Ferragramo store on 5th Ave. Price includes Woodlore Epic Shoe trees but does not include shipping or paypal fees.
New Posts  All Forums: