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No takers? These shoes are better than new and 70% off? B. Nelson Shoe Repair: http://bnelsonshoes.com/orderform1.pdf Woodlore Epic Shoe Trees: http://www.cedarvillestore.com/p-14-mens-epic-twin-tube-shoe-tree.aspx Gucci Loafers: http://www.gucci.com/us/styles/015938102201000# Total cost = $660
Resole and shoe trees cost $150+. Shoes are better than new now.
Brand new Tumi bag, the perfect/biggest size for carry on travelers.
$50 shipped and no takers?
SOLD. Size 11.5D. Shoes are in great condition and come with a brand new set of JR soles done by B Nelson in NYC and Woodlore Epic shoe trees. Price includes 2-day shipping but not paypal fees.
SOLD!! Brand new 22" Tumi zipper expandable rolling carry on. The largest size permitted for a carry on bag. Purchased new from the Tumi store and never used (I bought 2 to have a backup). Price includes shipping but does not include paypal fees. Costs $595 new, save 40%+.
Updated, price now includes 2-day shipping.
I have a pair of EG Westminsters in black calf but wanted to add a monk in brown. Any thoughts or suggestions on either the carlisle or westminster in brown calf (vintage oak for G&G, dark oak antique for EG)?
Thanks. Is the saphir gommadin and nubuck spray necessary to use if you have the omninettoyant?
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