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Beautiful Nsm jacket. Don't know why they don't get more attention on here lately.
Too many choices and I don't need anymore sport coats.....            
Sold a bunch of these before and have another pair I need to get rid of since I ran out of room in my closet. Jeans are in great condition / like new. Price does not include shipping or Paypal fees. Measurements: Waist: 34" Inseam: 32" Leg Opening: 8"
No one buys these anymore?
Unfortunately, forum affiliate cedarville store is no longer in business and they always ran some good promotions on the epic shoe trees. Any other good sources for these?
What fabric is that? Looks like fresco.
Just picked up two new Inis Meain sweaters. Greg, assume you will be getting more styles for fall? Any idea when they will be available?
Details on the jacket?
Dark brown (assume that is the first picture) and dainite sole.
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