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This thread has gotten quiet.
SF Marketplace, I am losing faith in you. Stuff like this used to be gone in hours.
Like new $200 jeans for $40 and no takers?
Am I the only one who is having issues when I scroll to the bottom of a page and it says please be patient, loading more items and it hangs up and never loads them?
I have three pairs of jeans for sale that are in like new condition. Price is for each pair and does not include shipping or Paypal fees. Buy all three and I will cover expedited shipping. Jeans have not been altered. Measurements: Waist: 34" Insean: 32.5" Leg Opening: 8.75"
Trying to figure out which to commission for a sport coat. Leaning towards the moonbeam.    
Any recommendations? Comfortable and warm are the only requirements. Strictly for indoor use now that the cold weather is back.
Any chance of getting medium jacket hangers in the traditional finish available on the site? I need a few of those and suit hangers. Thanks Kirby.
I don't think so.
Why did I stop getting FC e-mails damnit.
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