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Bought an iPhone and don't need this anymore. Free to anyone willing to pay USPS shipping (~$10USD in the US). Link to product here:
Arguably the best ski shell made. I bought it a couple of seasons ago and used it less than five times (bought a size too small). Cost $725 new. Price includes shipping in US.
Thanks kirby, that's what I thought it was but it isn't working.
Does the SF discount code no longer work?
They said they have 9 hours of work in each suit and have offered a 25% discount on this work and a 10% discount on future orders. 9 hours of work seems very high given the work that was required and that still works out to roughly 45 pounds per hour.
That has been my experience as well. Was I a little surprised to receive a bill at all? Yes, but I understand it's a business and it was enough weight that the alterations were more than just taking in the waist on the trousers. Receiving a bill for as much as I did was kind of shocking and basically said we have no interest in you being a customer again.
They made me two nice suits and e-mailed me promptly when I voiced my displeasure with the invoice I received. If they make it right and revisit the charges, there is no need for me to slander a business that has up until this point done right by me.Also, technically I "owe" them $1,800.
The suits were made by them but are two years old, so I was expecting some kind of charge, but certainly nothing like this.
I am not going to bash a company publicly before I give them a chance to make things right. I reached out and let them know I was very surprised by the amount of the bill and they are going to look into it. Based on my prior experience with other SR shops and other NY and Italian tailors it seemed exorbitantly high, but I thought I would see what other people's experiences are here.
I brought two suits into the tailor who made them for some alterations since I lost about 10-15 pounds. They needed the waist on the pants and jacket taken in. I was a little shocked when I received the suits back and a bill for $900 PER suit. I won't name the tailor at this point, but my jaw about hit the floor when I opened the e-mail. I have had alterations done by many other bespoke tailors (English, Italian, US) in the past and never received a bill even half of...
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