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Viktor- Excellent content through and through! Details on these gloves, please?
You took the words right out of my fingers, Jhors! Happy holidays to all, and may 2013 bring peace and splendor to your world!
I'm visiting a big name entertainment studio for a second interview for a professional position in LA on Friday. It's So Cal, but it's not a creative position, and it's October, and it's hot, and I'm flying in, what else can I say? What would you wear?
Allen Edmonds has just posted a line of 8 new Grey shoes for fall. What do you think??
I just bought a very nice silk knit with pointed tip from the Robert Talbott Outlet in Gilroy, CA. $35. before sale knock down. They had a few different colors but not a lot of choices. I'm sure you can find their contact info online.
Take this for what it's worth to you. My experiment in resolving this issue was to slide a wooden dowel rod of a radius complimentary to the width of the tie inside the length of the tie blade centering the edge crease on the dowel. Then I applied an iron to the length pressing out the crease and restoring a rounded edge. I repeated the treatment a few days later after the silk had time to rest. On the particular tie I treated it responded quite well. Sorry, I don't...
I've used Bob S. for over a year as well. He has never failed to deliver what I requested and he has never balked at what the request was. I've had a variety of work done so I feel very comfortable making this referral.
This is the first SF event I've been able to make. Looking forward to meeting you celebs.
Do any of you "unapproachable" and "pretentious" guys find that the women who do step up and approach you are generally more compatible?
The Sort By function in the Buy and Sell Forum does not seem to be able to be activated for "Newest Listings" from Firefox.
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