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Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa and a tidal wave of noobs and tweens. you`re too old(10)
[quote=alan;970502]Some of her songs are pretty cool. Could care less what she does with her life. And a lot of people criticizing her romanticize the same lifestyle shes living when others lived it.[/[quote] +1
stickonatree, not today
^^^^ damn
Quote: Originally Posted by slycedbred woulld you rather be hit on by a straight gothic boy? nah, thinking more of a gothic girl, that being said, they were hardly to divide from the boys
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire You can still turn on the radio any day and hear The Doors i wish round here that would be the case too!
i agree with rdawson, i like the album too, don`t understand all the flak she`s getting in this thread;
going out for a night and getting hit on by a ~16 year old gay gothic boy yep, that really made my night
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Leather, or better yet the carbon kevlar, would provide good abrasion-resistance without being overly stiff or bulky. To assume kevlar would be superior to leather is just not true. There`s a good reason all serious riders of sportsbikes still use leather!
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