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Very nice!
This also implies that the hide used is from an older animal, and not a young calf...
This fit seems strange, specialy around the vamp and ball of foot,seems your foot and shoe have different dimensions.
Dark color goes better with dark edges likewise lighter colors with light colored edge trims. Unless you want a contrast which may also be good enough. I have both and like both but would prefer the first any day.
nope, sorry black....
these look like chromexcel to me, if so i dont think it needs anything other than a good cleaning. There are of course some lotions that Saphir sells for these type of greasy leathers.
I have a hard time remembering Japanese names but off the top of my head Masaru Okuyama, Marquess and Fukada do come to mind....Secondly, stitching goes with the type of shoe, which I dont think you are relating to. 10- 12 SPI certainly looks cool on an oxford but does that mean it will look great on a Budapester? I feel 6-7 spi looks perfect on these and goes with the flow and dimensions...
Absolutely true, no arguments here.So a little bit of education what is it in a leather quality that allows you to do high spi stitches? Is it the tanning process, quality of hide or something else?
Trying to put some context as there seems to be certain misinterpretations, nowhere do I mention stitching and stitching alone is a hallmark of excellence. This all started with which shoe is better made b/w VAss and St C and GG, but quickly morphed into a discussion around number of SPI stitching and which is superior.While there is no denying the fact that fine stitching takes more time ,finnese etc, I'm not sure that is always a mandate to term a product as excellent...
In same vein the stitching of your bespoke work is not even close to the Japanese top tier makers that I have seen which I would categorize as truly world class.
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