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Who makes the Howard Yount socks? I know they are made in Italy but who is the manufacturer?
Construction wise Vass is a one man one shoe type of deal, where in he does everything from start to finish apart from clicking. Just like the Mercedes AMG engines. I think there are certain merits to this process.STC is equally well constructed but IMO there are small nuances that VAss stands out in this regard.
Are we talking of style or construction?
Vass's are better made shoes than StC which are betterthan GG's.. capisce
probably Saddle? I dont own Alden shell, but their shell finish is different as they coat their skins with a added layer of acrylic or some high gloss finish.So coming out of the blocks your Vass shell finish will not be as glossy as Aldens, ravello or any other shade.
Partof6:Go for it. You will love it
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