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I'd say no at this point of time. The damage or wear has already happened in the toe area so unless you are going to have the brass nails removed and sunken toe taps put in I dont think its going to help. The heel already has a rubber tap.
I'll start -
I dont think so...
Please go easy, if you want to bring up a good lustre/shine. Too much vigorous brushing may move the wax more than required and cause some blemish. I find finishing with a damp old cotton T shirt cut away is enuff.
Excuse me to butt in, it should be one of the top tier Bespoke ones who would not want to have one of JL St James, JP Mhyre, Spigola, Fukada
How can one possibly know what is inside is different from what it says outside? Also, you re-cycle the good/better branded boxes with others, why so?
You dont need my permission to be a dick, but get some more posts on to earn the titile. Show us what you got?
I see "quantity" over "quality"
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