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Yes I have found Burgol to be the most difficult to get a good shine out of Saphir, collonil and Boot black, and of course Kiwi.
Putting a sock liner will reduce the over all inside volume.
A thin sock liner will resolve the issue very easily
Key is to know and use a product the way it is supposed to. Cleaning is a step in proper maintenance everyone knows that but is not all inclusive. Cleaning alone will not suffice on its own over the long haul. Obviously a conditioner, polish or waxes is not to be left on the upper to dry by itself, not sure who here is that mis-informed to do that. Conditioners, polishes should be throughly rubbed/buffed out and the pores that it may go into equally brushed or else these...
Leather dries and needs conditioning, including shell. Polish helps repel and protect from the harsh elements of weather including snow and rain to an extent. All things on earth needs maintenance living or non living shoes and leather included.
Saphir cordovan cremes are excellent, definitely better than AE's and Bergols similar products. Use it as it is supposed to be used (directions on the jar)
With all these discussions the bottom line does not change and there is more to it than Aeisthetics alone. A well maintained shoe not only looks better but will last longer than one that has been uncared for. Just leave a shoe uncared and wear it on a regular basis and lets revisit this a year or two from now.
I second this, infact I'd say Reno and Creme Universelle is one of the best if not the best products around. Just because someone somewhere says its not good for their own peculiar type of leather makes it junk.I'm using paste and waxes from Bergol, Saphir, Collonil and Boot Black just about every kind, while each one is a good product and if I had to choose it would be Saphir hands down.Higher pigments, higher wax xontents, better spread/coverage and rich natural lustre...
looking good even though we see more of your trousers and greenery:)
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