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Super and nice shots..need to learn from you!
In that case wouldn't vigorous brushing take out the the top layer of polish? In my case it certainly did when I started to follow this method on my new shell. Not only it took out the top coat exposing a different color it also made the leather more uneven. Some conditioning with AE cordovan cream and a light coat of Kiwi did the trick.Vass does not recommend this and recommends Kiwi wax btw.
Does anyone know what type of thread Vass uses? Dacron Hemp Linen Anything else? Just curious.
good choice, personal preference trumps ! you will only have to choose b/w black and bordo though..
You have hit the nail on its head...
Who is your maker for the norweger?
nvm...got it.
Where is Graz??
Burgundy/Bordo/black is more readily available, not sure why others are not?
Well not in shell...
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