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Nice shoes, how does the double to single feel?
I wear my shoes in all weather conditions all the time. Life is short.
I dont bite this statement.Secondly Kangaroo may be good for boots as they have pretty strong fibre mat structure and less prone than calf for tears.Vass does not offer them for a reason, and feel that the leather is not up to the mark for shoes.
Tongue pads may work but you will need it in a bigger size I suppose?
Looks good, probably due to camera angle looks more wider for a P2...
I think Saphir makes a product for this, forget the name but search and you will find it.
Looks strikingly similar to calf, although have heard about its strengths. Has Vass started carrying the Australian tanned skins?
Yes I have found Burgol to be the most difficult to get a good shine out of Saphir, collonil and Boot black, and of course Kiwi.
Putting a sock liner will reduce the over all inside volume.
A thin sock liner will resolve the issue very easily
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