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No, they do not prefer this leather for shoes, they probably will make one if you supply the leather.
How does Hilditch and key shirts compare to Brooks Brothers Golden fleece line?
Understand and its ur shoes, you are the best judge. For me the itch to wear a fine pair of shoes is too overwhelming to shelve them...
Generally yes, but you never know, but this time of yours will never come back.
Nice shoes, how does the double to single feel?
I wear my shoes in all weather conditions all the time. Life is short.
I dont bite this statement.Secondly Kangaroo may be good for boots as they have pretty strong fibre mat structure and less prone than calf for tears.Vass does not offer them for a reason, and feel that the leather is not up to the mark for shoes.
Tongue pads may work but you will need it in a bigger size I suppose?
Looks good, probably due to camera angle looks more wider for a P2...
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