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I understand the logical sequence of events that you cite but arent Topy's supposed to be replaced when they wear out to protect the underlying leather outsole? It is about doing Topy the right way, and replacing them when required or else I dont see any difference of not using them.
I dont topy, not because I find them cheap/obnoxious as some of the members have commented or the fact they ruin shoes, because they dont. Tony Gaziano has written extensively on this and all the discussion about soles not able to breathe and rot because of the topy etc. The fact is I have not seen any proof of decay or a shoe been ruined because of the same. It may not be sexy trend, but if it serves an individual needs I dont see any rhyme or reason to go bellicose...
Many cars today come from the factory with an invisible coat of plastic or in some cases you can have a 3M special rolls stuck to the front hood to prevent rock stone chips.Whats the big deal?
I dont think in Asian countries it is only about rain and or snow. The roads in many places are non existent filled with debris, rocks, pebbles, nails metal shards you name it you will find it. Walking on such roads on your JR/Baker soles might be considered slick and sexy but in all possibility ruin it. Walking the streets in some big ciities I was left with a nice coating of black layer let alone deep cuts and abrasions.If you have not been there there is no point in...
New arrivals in brown shell...really nice and one of the most uniform colors in shell that I have seen from Vass.
Best option is to send it to the maker for resoling. On the plus side Dinkelackers triple soles are like tanks, stomping on everything around them, and should last much more in between resoles.
Isn't StC Austro Hungarian?
True, is in the rarity but this style is not for everyone.
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