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awesome, they do not look to be on double soles.
Does anyone use Saphir Crema Universaille as part of their routine shoe maintenance? Thoughts?
Vass has been trying to do too many things to please the crowd of late.They should learn/start to say No.
lol, looking good man...do you take the same size in R as F? For me the R last seems half size too big and I ended up returning them.The socks looks jazzy and quite thick.
You seem to be very knowledgeable and I'm impressed over your command of your second language as well.I almost do the same thing albeit more often even though I replace the acetone with Reno and do not use the Saphir Creme Universelle, Should I?
Well said VRaivio
There is definitely more to leather quality judgement other than based on observations, ownership, reputation etc. To me these are all anecdotal unless one really works with the leathers or puts it under the microscope. I dont see anyone mentioning the reason as to why they think one is superior than the other...
OP is saying what he thinks based on his observations and voicing his opinion. Try to develop a inclusive mindset and respectful of other peoples paradigms bcoz no matter how smart you think you are I know there are things that you don't know.
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