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True, is in the rarity but this style is not for everyone.
I use Saphir Light brown. You can also use colonil Tan
ah hah, gemming slip? not 100% sure but looks like the inseaming is not proper/loose.
Below Harvie and Hudson really? I have 2 of these and one of Hilditch and Key, and beg to differ. Also, I think quality to price ratio wise T@A is mismatched. I prefer BB Golden Fleece when on sale is hard to beat. Yes I'm Americannnnn
Agree the pull tabs look out of order? Did it come by default this size?
Awesome, you should be the best person to answer my question then, please do. thanks
Any idea what grade of cotton they use? 2 X 100, 120, 140 or higher? I doubt they will be higher than this at this pricepoint. Also, there Sea island is probably not the true West Indies Sea ISland cotton as they say Sea ISland Quality.Anyone know more??
Junk, cracked leather, needs resole, upper seperating ....
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