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Are you wearing a Panerai?
Ahh---I see you meant the sockliner which is gluedPlease note the insole, welt and upper are inseamed together. You will have to cut the seam and in essence literally destroying the shoe.
conditioner plus polish it has neatsfoot oil which is supposedly good for shell.
Why no shirts in 17.5 or 18 please?
V nice, are all your trousers Bills?
Yep P2 and Norweger is a killer too, I have one in calf and wanted one on the Budapest last in Shell, sad that they do not do it anymore.
sure wont duck, I like the Alt Wien style in cordovan by Vass, F last plain derby in Bordeaux shell and a Bentivegna by Piergocomi.What I like - Fit, fit and fit. hand welted, hand lasted and reasonably priced comes second.What I dont like - have to work with standard lasts and patterns. Quality control not as stringent.
I'm not a fan of any brand, even though I have many pairs of one particular brand. There ought to be a reason why a Viennesse firm is almost despised or unknown in its own country so much so that it had to do away with its own Austro Hungarian tradition and gone full circle. Whereas other firms of same origin are thriving.Plus I never quite appreciate anything that is hyped up.
plus the hype and hoopla compounded by the brilliant marketting of Mr Carr only accentuates the gullibility of its esteemed customers.
I don't know what you meant, but those do not seem to be doing that.
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