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I have used on some with no issues. Just be patient and spread the glue uniformly and let it dry for 24 hours.
Thanks, Yes they are.
I was told no shell on Budapest last and Norweger, you seemed to be an exception. Terrific, enjoy
Best is to use Bordeaux Shell, remember there is a light and dark shade of Bordeaux so good to be specific.
Vass also refers to cigar as brown shell. Per Vass Saddle, Whiskey and Cognac shell are three different colors, with whiskey and cognac almost very similar.
Are you wearing a Panerai?
Ahh---I see you meant the sockliner which is gluedPlease note the insole, welt and upper are inseamed together. You will have to cut the seam and in essence literally destroying the shoe.
conditioner plus polish it has neatsfoot oil which is supposedly good for shell.
Why no shirts in 17.5 or 18 please?
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