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What is wrong with using waxes?
I have seen variation b/w different batches from the same manufacturer.
They are on Budapest last for sure. Posting is off with one showing with topy and the other without. This looks like calf in oxblood to me as they do not have anything in shell in oxblood.
3636 is also much wider in the heel area.
Yes correct, as you can see the toe seems lighter than the vamp and counters. I'm sure you are aware that shell takes dyes/colors differently much different to calf.
Cigar is brown. Color in the pic is pretty close.
Dont do this unless you want to ruin your shell shoes.
Is this solely a problem with Vass ? When one takes size recommendations on the web, don't understand their own feet, last and go ahead with the concept of one size fits all the same this will invariably occur. Added to the fact when you deviate from the standard and start adding all the funky modifications the problem gets further compounded.
R last.
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