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Up for sale is a brand new beautiful handmade Materna shoe that I have never worn. This was hand made for me and includes Materna Lasted trees, and shoe bags (pictures attached). The waist is wood pecked with flush steel toe taps in the front and rubber. Comes with dustbags. The color is Mid Brown. Shoes are hand made in Vienna Austria Paypal OK, Shipping $25 Conus. Outside US - Depends on Location
I'm a US- 12 and used to take 45 in Vass before going MTO.
the 46 is bcoz of the extra width I guess, or else for 12, 45 should suffice.
Arguably one of the best Bluchers ever...IMO
yes and then let them dry naturally, no heat.
baby shampoo.
One for dark colors and one for lighter.
I don't think anyone here is more qualified or could have answered any better. So, first thank you. I believe todays marketing the plethora of misleading information on web goes a long way in adding to the confusion.Iagree at the end of the day there is very little to differentiate in terms of long term results between a 5$ polish and a 20$ one but we all tend to succumb to the illusion that something that costs more is invariably better. This includes myself and Im still...
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