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v v good.
Thanks, but I feel all the same properties applies to the Universelle as well.
I have not used it, but have heard rave reviews, should just go ahead and give it a shot.Just curious I'm quite happy with Saphir Creme Universelle, have you used this one?thx
None of the shoes is the correct fit. It is less to do with the wacky world of Vass sizing and more to do with the lack of acknowledgement and understanding that each last fits differently and has different dimensions.
Point is it will in all probability not, and even if it does it will be minuscule, certainly not even close to filling that gap. But some people like it that way for shoes I know not sure about boots hence my question.
Is the GAP on the facings supposed to be like this?
Yes they were..
I have 21 pairs of Vass with no problems..
All my VASS oxfords fit snug with the facings almost close in both calf and shell, has been this way from day one to this day after repeated wearings.
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