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Received a few V-Necks as a thank-you for responding to a survey (superb customer service!). Got a S, but they're 4-6 inches too long to be worn as anything other than undershirts (they sit literally below the bottom of my rear). Anyone have any idea how much shorter an XS is?
Gonna do full measurements for the jeans? Pretty please?
Not sure why you're surprised about people nitpicking about minute details on clothing on SF - not like it's anything new. Further, if WvG fits you perfectly as is, why wouldn't you say something when a change is suggested to make something that was once perfect imperfect? Seems entirely against your own self-interest to do nothing. I figure that's something you'd understand, Mr. Galt.
Ok. Just want to make sure the chambray doesn't come with an extra inch in the sleeves.
Talking about a new pattern (i.e. not BD)? Or are the BDs going to be longer too?
Very nice.
One more ToJ then gotta swear off spending until Fall. Three outerwear pieces too. Delicious. Things have come a really, really long way from last year. Was taking a look back to see what was released in 2011 - shirts and knickers. This Fall? Trousers, chinos, sweaters, shirting, suiting, basics, outerwear... And most of it with an MTM option. Next Fall? Can't even imagine. Buy a tote. I hesitate to say it as it's been said a million times before and I myself am a bit...
They essentially release a new set of products every month, with a loose "theme" for each release. They tend to top things that sold out back up throughout the month, but I still found it surprisingly hard to get something as simple as a V. They really are selling out everything very quickly. They have a trunk service as well called the 'Hunt Club'. Up until a week or two ago you were actually charged $45 (in credit) per trunk even if you chose not to keep anything. They...
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