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Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd The problem with internet forums, and one in particular, is that there are far more "experts" than there are people who actually know what they are talking about, and the "experts" are usually the loudest. Jeffery, which forum? AAAC, CT, SF? On topic, you might want to include a picture of the concave / pagoda shoulder. Shoulder types - concave, 'straight' and convex (those droopy, bumpy, sloped...
Any idea on the maker of these nice Hackett (engraved 'Belgravia' inside) suede loafers? I understand Crockett and Jones makes the classic shoes for them.
Has anyone made suits/jackets/pants using any of their fabrics? They are a manufacturer/maker, but sell direct to the public as well through ebay. Comments appreciated. Thanks!
Would someone post detailed pictures of what makes a pair of Ambrosi pants divine? All the handmade parts, the special features and trimmings. Ive looked it up online and the pictures dont really say much about the features that make them special, or better than say a Savile Row or other bespoke tailor-made pants Maybe a dissection ala jefferyd. or maybe just close-ups. heh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Expect it not to match. It can be made to match but it is by compromising proper shoulder construction techniques. To match patterns on the shoulder you cannot put adequate fullness on the back part. I am compulsive about matching patterns but when it comes to the shoulder, no. Just shoulder seam front-back not to match? What about armsyce seam pattern matching?
Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves [IMG] [IMG] blue suit ar angle by davidreeves1979, on Flickr[/IMG] [IMG] blue suit front by davidreeves1979, on Flickr[/IMG] Nice. Does the customer have a dropped right shoulder? Is this whats termed air force blue? What material is the cloth?
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Like this: on your DB, are the 2 inner buttons placed directly behind the 2 front show buttons?
I call them 'muslin fittings', eventhough technically I meant a 'test' fitting if you will, of a material or cloth different from the actual fabric. Is the canvas then transferred to the actual fabric, or a completely new one is made? Does anyone here have pictures of these fittings, with canvas basted? All I see are women... I know they are essentially the same as a normal basted fitting (if using excess cloth), but it'd be cool to have muslin where you can see the...
Where are these buttons (one or two) placed? On the inside position of the two 'show/non working' buttons? Can't seem to find any pictures of the insides of a DB. There aren't any DB's here (not off the rack, and the tailors haven't made one in years...), so I cant see the mechanics of it myself.
If tailors use leftover cloth, with canvas basted, then I dont really see the need for a muslin, since in effect it would be the same as just cutting the actual cloth and doing the baste fitting. Except if the tailor's not very experienced, and doing a muslin fitting using excess cloth is to try out the pattern and see the fit?
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