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How does the APC buy back butler service work? do you have to take your jeans to one of their retail stores?
Does anyone ever think that they are giving off this style that they think exudes coolness, then you catch yourself in a mirror or someone makes a comment and you all of a sudden look at yourself like who is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia My favorite room. oh...
Does anyone here wear Marc Jacobs?, It seems to me he is totally absent from all fashion advertisements and forums.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Would like to point out that my comment wasn't supposed to be taken literally. Only half-literally. That's very hard to discern emotions over the Internet, that is why I tend to stray away from comments comme que
Buying pants are more forgiving, I've had a few pairs that didn't work out and I just turned them into shorts
Planar Facitis was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life, much worse than breaking a bone. I got it running cross country in high school. The coach said that there is nothing you can do to help it but icing it numb ( also painful). At night it gets worse, and develops into a this nagging pain that gets worse if you sit still and when you move it.
I'm Trinidadian (Carribbean), and it always pisses me off when people try to speak with a carribean accent and the all that Rasta bullshit.
Damien Hirst's art always amazes me
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