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Thank you for sharing these photos. I'm not an expert. I think the pants look great. The jacket looks like it is too big for you. I agree about the sleeves. I think you should take it back. Please don't blame yourself. This is the fitter's job.
I'm going to chime in here simply to share my experience fwiw. Over the years I've had suits made from a variety of sources including Mr. Field and Doug Hayward in London. I now use Gordon Yao when he visits Washington from Hong Kong. I've been doing business with him for three years. On his last trip in June I ordered three suits made from Loro Piana fabric. They arrived last week. I am very pleased with the fit and the workmanship. Mr. Field also did a nice job...
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn Got basted fitting by Gordon here in HK yesterday. I was quite impressed, I'll report back when the final product is done. I asked for him to take out the shoulder padding and make the scye softer, and he slipped the padding right out of there in front of me (I'd heard it was hard to get him to make a soft shoulder). I also asked him to move the scyes closer inwards towards the center of my body, since I believe that...
I drove to Westminster today and met with Elio. He was kind enough to open for me on a Sunday. He seems like an experienced MTM fitter. The factory is big and clean. They sell mainly Holland & Sherry cloth. I ordered two suits: blue and gray with pick stitching and working buttons. The suits cost $855 each. I also ordered a shirt for $99. They are made by Individualized Shirt Company. It is nice to buy from an American manufacturer. Elio had me try on jackets and...
Quote: Originally Posted by 82-Greg If you are willing to travel about an hour north, you can visit English-American tailors in Westminster, MD. Discussed extensively on the boards. No relationship to me beyond satisfied customer. Yes, the Westminster option was mentioned in another thread. I will call tomorrow and plan a trip. I will try one suit and see how it goes. Thank you.
Thank you The_Foxx for those helpful suggestions. I had forgotten about James.
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyThe Tailor Yes they are fully canvased, and have more handwork than any other garment made in America except Oxxford. Ask for the new H. Freeman model for Fall '10 if you want modern and slim. The pics are on my websites front page. Thank you for your reply. It looks like I will be driving to Westminster soon.
I need about four new suits. I am 5"5" tall and weigh about 125 pounds. Off the rack is a challenge for me. The last suits I bought were from Gordon Yao in HK. The fit is fine but the quality of the cloth is nothing special. The cloth used for the pockets just feels cheap. I am thinking of Zegna MTM or maybe RLPL. I am open to other possibilities. I am looking for a slmi fitting professional suit -- not sack suit I would swim in. I would welcome suggestions.
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyThe Tailor You will save money in the long run by seeing Elio at E/A.... very high quality garment (I sell them) and Elio will correctly measure you and steer you to the best model. I just saw this post and live in DC. Do you know if the suit jackets from E/A are fully canvassed? I have ordered from Hong Kong but really would prefer to buy American.
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