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Hahaha, yeah. I just have to convince the boss to let me off for long enough. Maybe later this year You are correct, Parker & Co. Nice belts & cuff links, but quite expensive.Sorry, don't know about UK sizing :-/I'm an Aus 12 if that helps.
Thanks for the welcome.On the pointy front, I know...The shoes are an unfortunate side effect of 3 things.1) Living in Perth, Australia - The square / pointy toe capital of the world. Followed closely by the rest of Australia.2) All local retailers deciding that the aforementioned shoes should be worn by everyone, so they stock little else.3) Having a typical aussie foot, a wide size 47 foot.These shoes were the least pointy I could find sub $300.I did see some really nice...
Good Friday's outfit. The suit's colour on the 2nd photo is closest to real life.
Unfortunately due to being tall and skinny (read 204cm and 90kgs), I require MTM or bespoke. Being in Perth, Australia doesn't help either, so my suits average at around 2k AUD
Thank you for your valued critique.Yes, it is always good to see some Aussies on here, it means the mass of terrible "low crotch wu-tang denim" is not winning Regarding the tie, I think this may be the cameras fault. It is gold IRL. I blame the phone camera...The collar I noticed myself as I was taking the photo, but was unsure. It's good to see my suspicions confirmed (though on all my nicest shirts )Finally, the shoes. They do look square in the photo don't they? I...
Today's Fit: [[SPOILER]]
What just happened to the WAYWRN thread that I know and love?That was eight pages of arguing / nitpicking that I would rather not wade through, and it really should have been moved to a new thread.In other words, please, stop crapping up the thread.To bring things back on track:+1 on this outfit.My only nitpick: [[SPOILER]] Suffice to say, a very dapper look
Thankyou for your kind words sir.I suspect the collar may have been undone as it was hot this day.I will have to confirm the fit next time I wear that shirt.In regards to the pocket square, it is on my to-buy list :-)
Hi everyone,This will be my second post on here, so please be gentle.In saying that, I am here to learn. Constructive criticism is most welcome.After a long Sunday at church and the office:Yes, it's a bathroom [[SPOILER]]
Oh the pain of the newbie status and post moderation, woe is me. I'll get over it, I'm sure. Spoo in black:
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