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Can someone give me more details about this jacket? It's a hooded bomber jacket, but not the padded one. I can't find any better pictures of the model. Is it DS or Mainline? I think its from 08 or 09.
Hi! Selling a pair of full grain horse 995 Guidis in 42,5. Please note they fit small, I normally wear 41 in about all other brands. Condition is very good, worn only couple of times, typical Guidi creasing in the toe box. Quality vibram soles have been applied. Shipping in EU is 20$, worldwide is 45$. Add 4 % pp fee. Best
Can someone explain to me which shoes those are and why they are not on the official online store? http://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/saint_laurent/leather-chelsea-boots/516594?ppv=2 Can't decide between those and the Hedi 30s. I'm not sure if I might prefer a lower heel. But why are those 100 pounds more than Hedi 30s?
Really want a L01/L17 right now but can't pull the trigger. It's just a lot of money for a piece of clothing, thinking of getting the Acne Gibson instead. But it doesn't feel like a real alternative
Can anyone explain the difference between those two: http://www.mrporter.com/en-de/mens/saint_laurent/skinny-fit-15cm-hem-denim-jeans/592184?ppv=2 http://www.mrporter.com/en-de/mens/saint_laurent/skinny-fit-15cm-hem-stretch-denim-jeans/592153?ppv=2 First one is permanent collection I guess. Is the second one more grey and a bit washed out?
Aren't these GATs a bit too dark? Especially the sole looks way darker than mine, however mine are like 6 years old. The recent ones on MrPorter look different too though. Maybe those are some special season / old design or is it just a bad photo? ^masshi: I ordered those and sent them back. The leather was kind of distressed in a bad way and they were kind of cheap and plastic-looking.
First ones are really worth it giving the low price tag
Fits and feels amazing.
A question for all you guys who wear the skinny jeans on a regular basis: what do you do with your stuff like your phone, wallet and keys? Imo it's uncomfortable to put them in the tight pockets and it also looks bad with those huge bulges, it ruins the skinny frame. Do you always have a bag with you?
Are the 15.5s also skin tight on your calves and knees on your pairs? They look more relaxed on the models somehow, I think I should size up
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