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Are the 15.5s also skin tight on your calves and knees on your pairs? They look more relaxed on the models somehow, I think I should size up
Sorry for annoying sizing advice questions but if I'm a 31 in 15.5 (fits very snug), should I take a 30 in the 17.5 one? Also, has anyone direct comparison fit pics between the 15.5 and 17.5 black stretch jeans, ideally sized the same way? The pictures of the online reteailers are a bit confusing as they size different, sometimes the 17.5 looks skinny as hell, sometimes it is quite baggy on the calves.
Yes/No? Hedi era Dior Homme
I didn't have much time today, I could only check it for a few seconds while I was going home, however for the price I was pretty impressed. I'll see tomorrow.
What do you guys think? A french brand called "The Kooples". Quality seems good, I like the classic look. It's comparable cheap too, around 700$.
Congrats! I'd love to own last seasons Varsity with white stripes. I bought the Sandro copy. While it's not close to SLP, it's nice imo: Also thanks keanswon for the fit pic I think I'll look for the low heel version though, 1,6" is just too much for my tastes I guess.
Can someone provide detailed fit pics of those boots: http://www.mrporter.com/product/374389 The heel looks so massive on the pics, I would really like to see how it looks worn with jeans/trousers. There is also a chelsea boot with a low heel I think, but it seems like no one is stocking it?
Yes or no? Would be a new terrain for me colourwise, but really like the pattern/design.
Afaik the "cheapest" is the permanent collection one? It's around 3K € in EU store, while the SS14 ones are 4K €
Margiela Time Love this shirt. Will wear it all summer.
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