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First ones are really worth it giving the low price tag
Fits and feels amazing.
A question for all you guys who wear the skinny jeans on a regular basis: what do you do with your stuff like your phone, wallet and keys? Imo it's uncomfortable to put them in the tight pockets and it also looks bad with those huge bulges, it ruins the skinny frame. Do you always have a bag with you?
Are the 15.5s also skin tight on your calves and knees on your pairs? They look more relaxed on the models somehow, I think I should size up
Sorry for annoying sizing advice questions but if I'm a 31 in 15.5 (fits very snug), should I take a 30 in the 17.5 one? Also, has anyone direct comparison fit pics between the 15.5 and 17.5 black stretch jeans, ideally sized the same way? The pictures of the online reteailers are a bit confusing as they size different, sometimes the 17.5 looks skinny as hell, sometimes it is quite baggy on the calves.
Yes/No? Hedi era Dior Homme
I didn't have much time today, I could only check it for a few seconds while I was going home, however for the price I was pretty impressed. I'll see tomorrow.
What do you guys think? A french brand called "The Kooples". Quality seems good, I like the classic look. It's comparable cheap too, around 700$.
Congrats! I'd love to own last seasons Varsity with white stripes. I bought the Sandro copy. While it's not close to SLP, it's nice imo: Also thanks keanswon for the fit pic I think I'll look for the low heel version though, 1,6" is just too much for my tastes I guess.
Can someone provide detailed fit pics of those boots: http://www.mrporter.com/product/374389 The heel looks so massive on the pics, I would really like to see how it looks worn with jeans/trousers. There is also a chelsea boot with a low heel I think, but it seems like no one is stocking it?
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