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I don't buy clothes a lot, so I get excited when I buy a new piece. It's like getting a new dog, or adopting or a new child, introducing someone to the family. This is in regards to a Thom Browne White Oxford Button Down.
Bump, belt is no longer for sale and oops 5'11, 150
omg i'm going to cut the sleeves off my schott and reenact this
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Do all hipster girls do drugs? The ones who are fun, who you love and then forget.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus are those the same high rise jeans that you ended up having tapered to fit like 5010s? yup
Yep, topic, old style black Flathead chambray that I bought a while back, no type on the chest. Its pretty much this without the type, 160 shipped. And a black Atelier La Durance saddle belt that's size 33 at the smallest holes but I poked two holes in to make it fit a size 32. These don't seem to be around anymore either.
100 shipped no wear and tear cept for the holes i punched in to fit a size 32. Don't think they make these anymore. fits 32-37
For real though, I think it requires broad shoulders and lean waist, gives a good silhouette. But if you got that, tucking the t shirt serves the shape well.
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