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Haha, now that you put it like that I see how my question could be seen as redundant.However Mr Witty, the mustard button hole and that grey/blue tone is what did it for me which is why I enquired.Pointless question noted though, I won't do it again.
Hi there, Does anyone know where I might be able to buy this suit/jacket from please? I think the colour and cloth are absolutely beautiful. I think I pulled the picture from a style blog but can't remember which one. Thanks.
Those socks are the business! I noticed them before the shoes.
I have been following shoe blogs/sites for a while now to learn more about them. The sentiment out there definitely seems to be that Church's shoes have gone downhill. And I went along with it, partly because I am not that au fait with shoe details and so let someone else inform me. I have been looking for a black cap toe oxford for a while now and went to C&J because I was under the impression that for a quality shoe they are very good value for money. But I really...
Anyone got more pics of the Eugene shoe? I am looking to buy a pair of black oxfords and from the SL website they look perfect but I wanted to see some 'real' shots of a pair if possible, rather than the website photos.
Yes it seems that way. Thanks for making it clear though.
Is anyone able to help on this at all? In fact the tie I mentioned in the post above was 2.75 inches at its widest point which IMO is a little too skinny. I am after a more standard width of tie, 3.25-3.50 inches.
Hi there, I have been looking for a pair of black cap toe Oxford shoes for a while now. Is it me or do black shoes simply not look as good as their brown versions? After going to Crockett & Jones, intent on walking away with a pair of black Oxfords I returned home empty handed because after trying on the Edgware shoes in black I simply wasn't bowled over enough by them. Somehow though they looked amazing in brown! How is that possible? So today I stumbled upon the...
I like it a lot. Quite interesting, as you said.
Thanks guys. It looks very cool on a wider collar.
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