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Thanks for all your replies guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Ok lemme check them out. Thanks for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Anywhere else? Is there a brand that regularly makes soft shouldered jackets for their suits? I recently went to the Gant store in London. They had a beautiful mid-grey blazer called the Hopsack blazer, which had no shoulder padding at all. It looked great. However I want it to be part of a suit, not just a blazer alone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Excellent. Thanks for replying. I'll take a look on that site.
Hi, I'm after the tie in the picture second from the right with the orange lines going through it. Anyone know what pattern it is or where I might find one? I thought it was a Prince of Wales check pattern so Googled that but could only find plain grey ones. Thanks.
Hi, Please can anyone inform me where I might be able to get a navy suit with little or preferably no padding on the shoulders, rather like the shoulders found on a sports jacket? I live in London but am hoping I won't have to go to Savile Row for such a thing because I can't afford those kind of prices. Thank you.
Haha, now that you put it like that I see how my question could be seen as redundant.However Mr Witty, the mustard button hole and that grey/blue tone is what did it for me which is why I enquired.Pointless question noted though, I won't do it again.
Hi there, Does anyone know where I might be able to buy this suit/jacket from please? I think the colour and cloth are absolutely beautiful. I think I pulled the picture from a style blog but can't remember which one. Thanks.
Those socks are the business! I noticed them before the shoes.
I have been following shoe blogs/sites for a while now to learn more about them. The sentiment out there definitely seems to be that Church's shoes have gone downhill. And I went along with it, partly because I am not that au fait with shoe details and so let someone else inform me. I have been looking for a black cap toe oxford for a while now and went to C&J because I was under the impression that for a quality shoe they are very good value for money. But I really...
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