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Depending on available colors, I might be down foe the workman.
I've got the raw tweed and they are are very unique pair of jeans. After a wash and a couple wears, the tweed slubs are expressive. They denim is fairly light and very comfortable. The cut on the raw version is spot on. I would stay away from the rinsed/one-wash version and the cut is bulgy in the hips and the one-wash process is bordering a hard wash. There are also a lot of nice details - felled seams, bandana pocket bags In terms of these of Samurais...I'd go...
I have had a pair of these for about 15 months: As far as sizing, I bought a size 8, which is a full size smaller than I am. In December, I went looking for another pair, and they had fixed the sizing. In terms of quality, they have held up very well, until last week when I noticed a small hole at the end (middle of my foot) of the captoe, and the hole is growing. They are ready for a re-sole. I have been looking for a stockist that carries this same pair, which I...
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Seriously, don't make me second guess myself on that belt. I bought that same exact belt (sans the KWM logo, and the cut at the end of the leather) from Momotaro in Tokyo last year. I spent a fraction of what the KMW is going for....nevertheless, it is a quality belt and the buckle is unique and heavy!
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya The Spring 2009 line has a lot of non-western shirts coming... more workwear style.. Kiya When will you be getting the Spring 2009 line?
In that case, you need to get in some new stuff so that I can buy things (and get chocolate).
Kiya What's this chocolate I keep reading about?
What kind of boots are these? Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus
price lowered....bump
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