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Sold. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dethevn Thinking of picking up the IH 634s, do I size down on those? My waist is 32" tts Get a 31. They stretch like crazy. They'll be tight at first, possibly even hard to button up, but will fit like a champ after a handful of wears.
Gentlemen, I have listed a pair of MOTO boots for sale:
I am selling my black MOTO boots to make way for a new pair. These are hand-dyed black, and are a size 2. For reference, I typically wear a 42 or a 9. These can only be purchased in Japan. I am asking $500 plus shipping. They have only been worn a handful of times.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Awesome. Thanks for posting yours! I knew someone on the sufu thread had posted MOTOs, but the search came up with no results. I am usually a 10-10.5, so the 3's should work well for me. Did you have to proxy yours, or does he ship to the US? How do you like the natural color? I think I am almost more partial to the brown. I love the natural. They gave gained so much character since I purhased them....
Quote: Originally Posted by snake What are those sizes equivalent to in US sizing? My pair is a size 2 and they fit me *perfectly*, and I am typically a 9.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I love mine: He doesn't do shell at the moment. He seems to be branching out of his newest pairs are goat skin. I want to sell my black pair (different style) so that I can pick up another pair. One of these days they'll be in the for sale forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 Does anyone have the USMC waxed jacket in Small or Xsmall they'd like to sell? Or know where it is in stock? I meant to get it from Context but they sold out. Try calling AB Fits in San Francisco. They carry the jacket, but not sure what sizes they have left. Also try Detour. They told me they were getting them, but I never saw them on their website.
I just received one of the ties, and I'll definitely be ordering another. The fabric is top-notch, and it is a rather simple piece that can be worn daily. I'll even be wearing it with a suit to a wedding next week too.
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