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FS: Samurai S5000VX Lot 12, with Arcs and Red Tab, size 32, chainstiched to 32" inseam The crotch has been darned by Self Edge. These jeans have lots of life still left in them. SOLD Measurements: Waist = 32" Inseam = 32" Leg opening = 8" Thigh = 12" Front rise = 10.5" Back rise = 14"
What is sizing on the Bowery Boots in comparison to Whites or Aldens?
Sold. Thanks.
I'd prefer cash over store credit. I'm willing to take a slight loss for cash. I'll let it go for $135. Otherwise getting shipper back to Self Edge tonight.
Sent back to Self Edge.
Another price drop
Price drop to $45.
Price drop: $47.50
Sold. Thanks.
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